LITO's wine tumblerLITO's wine tumbler

Wine lovers know that a great glass of wine makes any moment more enjoyable. However, until now, bringing your favorite wine with you on the go has been inconvenient and often resulted in spills. This is why LITO’s stainless steel wine tumblers are becoming so popular. These innovative LITO’s wine tumblers allow you to enjoy wine anytime, anywhere without the mess.

Why Choose A LITO Wine Tumbler

LITO’s stainless steel wine tumblers solve all of the problems typically associated with transporting wine. The innovative and leak-proof lid means you never have to worry about spills or leaks again. The durable stainless steel construction also means they won’t shatter like traditional wine glasses.

LITO Tumblers Keep Wine At The Perfect Temperature

The double wall vacuum insulation helps maintain your wine’s temperature for longer. On hot days, your chilled white stays cold for up to 24 hours. The insulation also retains heat, so your mulled wine stays deliciously warm. No more lukewarm wine before you’ve finished your glass!

LITO wine tumblers come in various sizes from 12oz to 20oz. This means you can bring just the right amount of wine for the occasion. The smaller tumblers like the LITO 10oz leak-proof wine tumbler are ideal for shorter outings or when you just want a small glass. The larger 20oz size allows you to bring a whole bottle’s worth of wine for events like outdoor parties or camping trips.

Durable And Practical Design

LITO wine tumblers feature a durable stainless steel interior and exterior that won’t crack or shatter with frequent use. The ergonomic shape feels comfortable to grip for hours without fatigue. The clear lid allows you to easily see how much wine is left, while the innovative push button lid makes drinking incredibly convenient. Just push the button to sip like a traditional cup.

LITO’s leak-proof wine tumblers also come with a detachable stainless steel straw for added versatility. The straw enables hands-free drinking, which is safer while driving or being active.

Benefits Of LITO Wine Tumblers

There are many benefits to choosing LITO’s stainless steel wine tumblers over traditional glass wine glasses:


  • Bring wine anywhere – outdoor events, picnics, camping, boating, pool parties etc.
  • Push button lid and detachable straw enables easy one-handed drinking
  • Clear lid allows you to easily see wine level

No Spills Or Breakages

  • Leak-proof, insulated lid prevents messy leaks/spills
  • Durable stainless steel won’t crack or shatter like glass

Maintains Temperature

  • Double wall insulation keeps wine cold for up to 24 hours
  • Retains heat for piping hot mulled wine and other heated wines

Variety Of Sizes

  • Sizes from 10oz to 20oz
  • Carry the ideal amount of wine for your needs

So if you’re a wine lover who wants to enjoy great wine on your adventures without worrying about broken glasses or spills, LITO stainless steel wine tumblers are a must-have!

Where To Use Your LITO Wine Tumbler

One of the best things about LITO’s stainless steel wine tumblers is their versatility. Here are just some of the places and situations where a LITO wine tumbler can come in handy:

Outdoor Events And Activities

Outdoor parties, barbeques, tailgating sports events, and camping trips all pair perfectly with wine. However, bringing glass stemware isn’t convenient or safe. LITO wine tumblers allow you to easily bring wine without worrying about breakage. Their ability to maintain temperature means your wine stays deliciously cold or hot. The leak-proof lid also prevents spills, even if accidentally tipped over on the grass.

Pool Parties And Beach Trips

Few drinks go as perfectly with lounging poolside or on the beach as a chilled glass of crisp white or Rosé wine. Transporting wine in glass to these locations used to be impossible. However, LITO’s 10oz leak-proof wine tumblers make it totally hassle-free! The insulation keeps your wines chilled in the hot weather for hours. The lid seals tightly so you don’t lose even a drop to spills in your beach bag or cooler.

Boating And Water Sports

Wine on boats used to be limited to dockside gatherings because of the open containers and risk of spills or breakage. With durable stainless steel LITO wine tumblers, you can now enjoy great wine while sailing, motor boating, paddle boarding and doing other activities on the water without worrying about glass bottles rolling off coolers!

Travel – Flights, Road Trips, Etc.

While it’s technically allowed, carrying glass wine bottles through airports or on road trips can be risky and inconvenient. However, you can take stainless steel travel wine tumblers in your carry on bags or cup holders worry-free! The discrete, bottle-shaped design allows you to travel through the airport without drawing attention. Meanwhile, the straw function enables easy sipping while driving without taking your attention off the road.

At Work

While having wine at your desk is not universally acceptable, some modern workplaces do allow discrete drinking. A 12oz LITO stainless steel wine tumbler enables you to responsibly enjoy some wine after hours or during social events without disturbing your professional peers. The discrete insulation looks like any other insulated mug or water bottle. The leak-proof lid won’t spill on documents or your computer. With LITO’s innovative wine vessels, you can infuse more joy into any situation from barbeques to long meetings to flights and more. If you love wine, a LITO wine tumbler deserves a permanent place in your bag.

Choosing Your LITO Wine Tumbler

With a range of sizes and lid styles available, here is what to consider when choosing your LITO stainless steel wine tumbler:


How much wine do you want to carry? Consider when and where you’ll use your wine tumbler most when deciding on the right capacity:

  • 10oz = 1.2 glasses or half a bottle – great for short outings
  • 12oz = 1.5 glasses – ideal to keep at your desk
  • 16oz = 2 glasses – nice for enjoying a bottle split between two on picnics or hikes
  • 20oz – brings almost a whole bottle, perfect for activities like camping or boating when you’ll be outdoors for longer periods

Lid Style

LITO wine tumblers come with two main lid options:

Push Button Lid – Offers convenient one-handed drinking. Just push the release button and sip from any side. Easy to use while multi-tasking.

Twist On Straw Lid – Comes with a detachable stainless steel straw for hands-free sipping. Great for driving, walking or situations when you don’t have a free hand.

Consider when you’re most likely to use your tumbler to choose the right lid functionality. Both lids offer the same spill-proof seal, so it just comes down to ease of drinking.

So don’t settle for lukewarm wine or worry about stains in your bag ever again! Bring your favorite wines anywhere life takes you with LITO’s stainless steel wine tumblers. With their ingenious engineering, you never have to compromise between convenience and great taste again. Anytime is wine time with LITO!