If you are a vegan couple, you may be a bit worried about creating the perfect wedding food menu — one that appeals to everyone. It’s a common misconception amongst non-vegans and carnivores that vegan food is just “rabbit food” or that it won’t fill you up! Vegan wedding food can be beautiful and delicious. It’s a great way to create a memorable wedding experience.

Finding a balance between creating a vegan wedding menu that both vegans and non-vegans will enjoy doesn’t need to be intimidating. It is possible to be true to your beliefs while still making your guests happy.

To help you create an unforgettable vegan wedding rehearsal dinner menu template, take a look at these top ideas.

Vegan Wedding Ideas & Planning

We get it. You want your guests to be vegan-friendly. Here are our top tips for designing a vegan wedding menu.

1. You might not tell your guests that your vegan wedding menu will be available in advance. Many people have preconceived notions of what vegan food tastes and this can prevent them from tasting the actual menu.

2. To ensure that your vegan wedding menu is appealing to everyone, bring a friend or family member who is not a vegetarian to taste it.

3. The experts are the best! Ask your caterer for assistance when designing your vegan menu. They are experts in the food industry who can provide recommendations for vegan catering services to create delicious, plant-based menus.

You may have to offer your guests a variety of activities if the wedding reception is packed full. Wedding reception program.

You can create a program for your wedding reception that will be entertaining and appropriate for everyone.

Why is a Wedding Program Important?

While it’s not a must-have, a wedding program is often welcomed by guests.

Whether it’s simple or detailed, your wedding program is a timeline that lets your guests know what’s happening and when. It can be hard for your guests to follow the ceremony if they don’t have one.

A wedding program can also help your guests get more involved in the ceremony. This is especially true when you include readings or lyrics to songs.

They’ll be able to read and sing along and really feel part of the celebration. Many guests like to keep the program as a memento of their special day.

Benefits of a Wedding Program

Although wedding programs are not necessary, they can be a valuable (and sometimes even essential) piece of stationery. If:

A religious or traditional ceremony is being held with many people of different faiths or cultures.
A large wedding is planned, with many guests not likely to know the bride and groom.
If you are having a long ceremony, guests will need to have something to do.
Many people are worth mentioning.
You will need to have a place to exchange directions from your ceremony venue to your reception location.

People who have limited time or financial resources may choose to skip the wedding program altogether. remember that a simple wedding Program doesn’t need to be complicated.

As a token of appreciation, many guests will love them. You can easily customize paper wedding programs by downloading templates. Paper is an affordable medium.

The Elements of a Wedding Program

These are the parts of a wedding programme:

The Cover

Usually, the wedding program’s cover includes the date and/or names of the couple.

It could also contain the time and location of the ceremony, as well as a photograph or design element (such a scroll, flower, etc.).

To personalize your program, match it with your wedding invitations.

The Order Of Events

Consider listing your names, location, time and wedding date on the front cover. It’s best to do this before you start the order of events.

Next, list the events that will take place during the ceremony.

Music for processionals
V vows exchange
Ceremony of the Ring
Unity candle ceremony
Recessional music
Other music for ceremonies

These elements may not be included in your list, and you may have some other traditions. It is important to list events in the order they will take place and the names for the readers.

Members of the Wedding Party

This is a basic list of roles and names for your wedding party. Here are some examples wedding reception program template:

Officiant: Reverend Michael David
Parents of the bride: Mary Smith and John Smith
Parents of the groom: Elizabeth Jones and Thomas Jones Jr.
Grandparents of the bride Sarah Smith, Margaret Blackwood
Grandparents: Susan Michael, Thomas Wilson Sr.
Maria Gellert, Maid of Honour
William Harris is the Best Man
Bridesmaids: Rebecca Brown, Juanita Ramirez
Groomsmen: Calvin Aremu, Jonathan Goldstein
Readers: McGuire Johnson, Alexander Wilson
Optional Program Elements

You can add one or more items that are not essential if you have sufficient space.

A description of rituals or traditions used in your ceremony.
Request for audience participation in specific parts of the ceremony, such as affirmation of marriage, communion, singing or offering of peace, standing, kneeling, or standing.
Memorials: This is an option if you wish to pay tribute to a parent, relative or friend who has passed away.
A brief description of each of your bridesmaids or groomsmen.
Explanation of the significance and origin of the first dance song, the theme, or location.
Poetry and quotes about love and marriage.
Directions to the reception

Vegan Wedding Catering: Vegan Appetizer Ideas

Planning vegan wedding food and appetizers for your guests to munch on during cocktail hour doesn’t need to be difficult. There are many options for small plates and finger foods that can be made vegan. These are our top picks for vegan appetizers at a wedding.

Traditional wedding appetizers include cheese and crackers. If you want to make the cheese and crackers vegan, you can choose to serve nut-based cheeses with seeded crackers. We bet your guests won’t even notice the difference!

If you are looking for a vegan menu option, crudites or seasonal vegetables make the perfect snacks to munch on at cocktail hour. Combine with vegan-friendly homemade honey hummus.

Stuffed tomatoes and stuffed mushrooms are our favorite vegan appetizers. Stuffed mushrooms are no longer cheese-laden. Instead, stuff your mushroom caps with pesto and mixed veggies, tomatoes, and possibly some tofu. You can fill your stuffed tomatoes with vegan goat cheese or pesto, and drizzle a balsamic glaze on top. These vegan stuffed tomatoes and mushrooms will melt in your mouth once they are heated.

A fresh spring roll is another popular vegan-friendly appetizer for weddings. Many spring rolls are deep fried and battered. They’re often served with heavy soy sauce or sweet chili sauce. Spring rolls can also be made vegan by being stuffed with vegetables such as carrots, romaine, or yellow peppers. Yum!

Planning Vegan Wedding Food

Non-vegans are quick to judge you if you plan a vegan wedding menu. But, with nutrient-rich, vegetable-focused options, we’re sure you’ll leave them all in awe!

Start with a seasonal salad. For fall and winter weddings, you can opt for a heartier option using apples and cranberries. Spring and summer weddings can offer something lighter and more refreshing such as grapes, arugula and red onion.

You’ll have options when it comes to serving vegan wedding food for the main course. We love polenta dishes made with roasted red onion, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. Also, pasta dishes that include lots of vegetables are a favorite. Another favorite pasta dish is vegan gnocchi with wild mushroom sauce, eggplant Cannelloni, or creamy vegan butternut squash-linguine. You will be amazed at the variety of delicious and filling options available.

Vegetarian options are also possible for vegan wedding food. We love ratatouie, which is a vegan-friendly option for wedding catering. It’s made with tomatoes, squash, and zucchini. It’s also seasonally on point for summer weddings! You can also make vegan dishes like cauliflower piccata and risotto with roasted veggies.

Meat lovers won’t complain when they get an amazing, hearty seitan dinner like seitan steak in beurre blanc sauce.

Are you looking for vegan side dishes to go with your pasta? Try adding vegetables to your pasta dishes, such as broccolini or lemon tarragon. Vegetable-centric dishes may be served with a variety of starch options, such as roasted potatoes, rice pilaf or quinoa with toasted nuts, cranberries and orange zest.

Vegan Wedding Cake & Desserts

Beautiful wedding cakes are a must for every wedding. With new vegan substitutions, there are plenty of vegan, dairy-free and egg-free vegan wedding cakes to choose from, so you can get the cake you’ve always dreamt of! The hardest part of your wedding is choosing the right cake. You can taste each one to discover the one that you like.

Be sure to provide vegan desserts to guests for them to enjoy while they dance and mingle. You can create the perfect dessert table with vegan goodies like chocolate-covered espresso beans, chocolate-covered strawberries, and chocolate-covered pretzel bites. Deborah Miller Catering will help you create the perfect vegan wedding cake or dessert menu to give your guests a sweet treat at night’s end.