Are you planning a trip to Disney Land or Disney World? If so, you don’t want to miss out on their custom enamel pins! These little trinkets might be easy to walk by but there is a large following for these pins worldwide so the further away you are from Disney, the more these things might be worth to people that hail from your home country.

We all know that anything Disney comes with a reverent following that lasts generations. I myself remember sitting in front of my television, as a child, looking up at these amazing moving images from the likes of Lion King and Aladdin. You cannot deny that for as long as Disney has existed that they perfected the craft of capturing our attention with great stories, wonderful illustrations and unforgettable theme park experiences. Everything they touch is magic. This ability they have to make a mark on our lives incites a loyalty to their brand for our entire lives. For some its a near obsession with fans flocking to all their movie releases, being Annual Pass holders, moving closer to their theme parks or just buying their merchandise religiously.

That’s where their custom enamel pins come into play. Being a fan of anything, you look for avenues to show your appreciation and revel in the life of that fandom. Disney knows this and knows the power of an enamel pin. So on your next trip to Disney, keep an eye out for kiosks selling a variety of enamel pins themed for their parks and other IP’s like cartoons, characters and settings. You might also find a little community of pin traders hanging around their parks wanting to trade for the newests or most obscure, rare enamel pin offerings from Disney.

So you might ask “Why?” The answer is simple, they are mementos of, perhaps, a once in a lifetime experience. Enamel pins are easy to collect and easy to display. Let’s say you buy a couple of them, you might wonder what you would even do with these things. I’ve personally seen them worn on clothing, of course, but also on backpacks, purses and hats! Displaying them is really easy because by their very nature they have an affixing device on their rear for easy attachment to cork boards and frames. There is a deeper answer though.

The secondary market for limited edition items is healthy as ever. Be it high end sneakers from Nike’s Jordan line to these very pins we are talking about in this article. Disney fans live the world over and not every single one of them has the ability to travel across the globe to peruse their offerings in person. A vacation to a Disney park could cost tens of thousands of dollars if you bring an entire family, fly them to the destination, put them up in a hotel for days, the theme park tickets, the food, the transportation, the gifts and souvenirs. It kind of makes sense to turn your trip into a money making venture. Some of these Disney pins can be resold for a profit!

At the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying your time with your friends and family while absorbing the wonderful world of Disney, but don’t overlook their awesome merchandise! You won’t regret having something to look back on and help recall the incredible moments where you were surrounded by a fantasy world you only thought existed on the silver screen.